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Week 24 – More Sickness, More Sleep Deprivation, and Moving Up in Daycare

Hey there, Got a little bit more time to write this week, as everyone’s gone to bed and I’m hoping… *hoping* my son doesn’t cough himself awake. This happened all weekend, and came to a climax yesterday evening when he could hardly breathe. A late afternoon pediatricians’ visit, steroids and a 15 minute session with… Read more »

Week 23 – Alden’s 2nd Birthday, Target, and Running Every Day

Hi all, We had my son’s 2nd birthday last weekend. It was a get-together at a local indian buffet on Saturday, followed by a visit to SEA-LIFE aquarium in Grapevine (which we’ll be coming back to again, given his reaction to all the big fish). Turned out much better than his 1st birthday, which felt… Read more »

Week 22 – ER Visits, Vegas Mom and Screen Addiction

Hey there, Dealing with some major sleep deprivation issues today, so this update will be rather short. Target Project! Starting a new project today with Target that should last a couple of weeks. Can’t give away any details, but it should be a fun exercise. ER Visit on Friday Our son came down with one… Read more »

Week 21 – Pressure Cooking, Birthday Preparation and House of Cards

Hey there, I finally reached my 16 GB limit on my phone for only the second time. My constant recording of videos and pictures of my son doing various things at home and on the road filled up my smart phone storage faster than I thought it would. My wife criticizes me for not paying… Read more »

Week 19 – Still sick kids, expensive art and birthday plans

Ola, Kid has come down with a “can’t sleep because I’m coughing every 30 seconds” kind of cough. He’s had this before, and usually a short of Ibuprofen at 2:30 am does the trick. Not so much last night. After seeing his pediatrician today, we suspect the culprit is inflammatory in nature (where his lungs… Read more »

Week 18 – Sick Kids and Freelancing Madness


Hi all, My weekend was all consuming with Alden care. The poor soul came down with an ear infection, sore throat and bronchitis. We had to get him to our Pediatrician Saturday morning because he couldn’t breathe properly (or sleep… we were both up all Friday night/Saturday morning). 48 hours and a ton of drugs… Read more »

Week 17 – Soldering’s End and Basecamp’s Return

Hi all, Lots of updates on a whole range of topics. Let’s get right into it. Soldering Done! It was smoky and smelly, but I successfully managed to splice two wires and solder a new battery into my old MicroTrack II. The hardest part was making sure my soldering iron didn’t touch anything on my… Read more »

Week 16 – Selling sarees and soldering iPods

Hi all, I’m currently selling a pure natural silk Jamdani saree (Royal Blue) on eBay. Had to revise the original listing because my pictures were all from the inside (handwoven) aspect of the saree. You know, easy stuff a grown man should know about indian culture and sarees. Duh! I’m also going to be… Read more »