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The Worst End-Game Scenario on Projects

Today was one of those days you see coming but can’t prevent. When you’ve attempted to contribute in a meaningful way for over a week, and nothing hits with either the internal team (no matter how many drafts you create) or impresses the client (of which is pressuring the folks you work for to come… Read more »

My personal frustration with UX recruiters …

I may be writing this without proper perspective, but here goes… and no offense to any recruiters who might take offense to this bit. Please, please, please stop trying to fill ‘senior’ UX positions that ask for 5-7 years experience. They aren’t ‘senior’ at all. They are mid-range, sole contributor positions meant to generate a… Read more »

Checklists – I love em.

Since my content requests have disappeared (as well as my hit traffic with each successive post), I guess it’s my turn to come up with some content. 🙂 This will be a brief post, since my kid is sick today (and probably tomorrow with the same cold). Checklists I’m a big fan of checklists. I… Read more »