(Wed) 4/22/2015 – My kid is booored at school.

The day care that I take my son to has closed circuit cameras in the lobby where you can watch what your child does throughout the day.

Normally I don’t bother to look at them since I’m in a rush to get out the door and get started with my work. But today, I slowed down and spent a few minutes to observe what he was doing.

Well, he wasn’t engaged. He paid attention for the first minute or so, then started crawling from the other kids towards the far closet in the corner of the room where the teachers keep their advanced toys/educational materials.

I know this because he leads me too this area when I pick him up in the evening and we have some time to kill before the school closes. The closet has everything from small puzzles to play sets where you can put miniature items and place them on mats with matching pictures.

So beyond the initial thought that he’s misbehaving, I’m considering his current classroom. It’s got a ton of 2-3 year olds in it, and he towers over all of them. He’s only there because he’s doing some bedwetting during naptime about 2-3 times a week. He’s being held back until that situation improves.

But here’s the concern. Do I hold my child back from advancing to a classroom that’s more challenging just because he has a bedwetting problem? Being biased from the parent side of things, I’m thinking that’s an issue that will iron itself out over time, and that his educational quality is of a greater importance.

In summary, it’s time for my kid to up a level. We’ll see how this plays out, but I’m hoping to have him in a different classroom by the start of next week.