Meeting with the Teacher

To continue yesterday’s post about my kid being bored, my wife and I paid a visit to his day care to talk with one of his teachers. She’s actually one of the ‘head’ teachers there at the school, and had done her due dilligence.

She brought with her a six page summary of how our son was progressing, where he needs some work, and other aspects of his behavior to see if it was what we experiencing at home (and how to correct some of it.)

But overall it verified our thinking… the curriculum is not challenging him enough. He does have some issues with paying attention with group activities, but the problem there is that they don’t change much from day to day. He seems to be the type that gets everything the first time around, paying a lot of attention in the beginning. But once he gets it, he trails off to something else.

Bottom line for us is that we need to get a game plan together. We need to figure out if there’s another resource we can tap to keep him on a learning path (and keep him curious), and what that entails. We’re under the assumption that as he grows, some of the behavioral aspects that aren’t working for group learning will work themselves out with our efforts and his teachers.

I’m just glad we had the meeting in the first place. Alden’s current teacher was a vast improvement over his previous one, and seems to care a lot about how he’s coming along.