Week 23 – Alden’s 2nd Birthday, Target, and Running Every Day

Alden's Happy!Hi all,

We had my son’s 2nd birthday last weekend. It was a get-together at a local indian buffet on Saturday, followed by a visit to SEA-LIFE aquarium in Grapevine (which we’ll be coming back to again, given his reaction to all the big fish). Turned out much better than his 1st birthday, which felt more like a big exercise in logistics with a Hare Krishna temple. We scaled back and just ordered TrailerCakes and said “Yay!”.

Target Work
I’ve been grinding on a new project for Target this week. Can’t give details, but it’s been fun/fast paced so far. Should end after at the latter half of next week, but it’s wireframing and research till then.

Running Every Day
Against the advice of common sense, I’m going to attempt to run every day in the morning. I manage about three times a week going at a moderate pace, so we’ll see how my old knees/ankles hold up from day to day during the work week.

Thanks for reading!

– R