Week 22 – ER Visits, Vegas Mom and Screen Addiction

Hey there,

Dealing with some major sleep deprivation issues today, so this update will be rather short.

Target Project!
Starting a new project today with Target that should last a couple of weeks. Can’t give away any details, but it should be a fun exercise.

ER Visit on Friday
Our son came down with one of the worst Crupe coughs I’ve experienced in quite a while. He could hardly breathe. Between calling 911 and getting him to the hospital for a steroid shot, it was crazy. We finally all got to sleep at 6:00 am and it pretty much ruined any sleep pattern we had established with him. But, he’s doing fine and just suffering from general congestion at this point. He also likes Picolo a lot.

Mom’s visiting from Vegas
I’ll only say… it should be interesting and fun.

My Son’s Screen Addiction
Not sure what to do here. He went cold turkey once with the iPad, laptop and TV. We reintroduced it, and now he can’t do without out whenever he’s home. The cold turkey phase this time will probably be more acute and a struggle, but it may have to be done if that’s his default everytime he walks through the door. We’ll see.

Hope you all have a great week!