Week 21 – Pressure Cooking, Birthday Preparation and House of Cards

DadandAldenHey there,

I finally reached my 16 GB limit on my phone for only the second time. My constant recording of videos and pictures of my son doing various things at home and on the road filled up my smart phone storage faster than I thought it would. My wife criticizes me for not paying enough attention to our other four-legged daughter Panda (and filming/taking pictures of her), but that’s what happens when a new kid enters the fray. So far, the dog hasn’t complained much. If it did, she’d probably threaten a random poo in the Media Room and a few treats in exchange for some stomach petting time. Standard dog demands I guess.

The Path of the Pressure Cooker
I’ve been given the first of hopefully many recipes to work our pressure cooker with. I’m currently making a goat mutton curry with lentils, potatoes and rice. We *hope* that our son will eat some of it as well. Since he’s going into another teething phase, anything hot/warm really bothers him. Anyway, I’m excited. It’s one of those devices you can set, let it whistle, turn off the heat, and leave it along for a while while it cooks and voila. Instant meal. Hopefully more to come and report with this one.

Alden’s 2nd Birthday Preparation
So it looks like we’ve narrowed down our two-day activities with Alden by having cupcakes at day care on Friday, followed by a trip to the Sealife Kid’s Aquarium on Saturday morning with friends and family. We thought about having a general birthday party and inviting over a 3rd circle of folks, but it’s just too much hassle. A lot of food ordering and clean up after tons of socializing that I’m not apart of (I’m usually following Alden around to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself).

House of Cards
I’m nearly done with the 2nd season of the series, and it seems like they’re running out of dramatic/thought provoking things to do with the storyline. The vice president, his wife Claire, and the bodyguard all get drunk and have sex with one another? Really? That’s usually the time when you put down the pen/paper, stop writing, and let those age-related waves of amnesia float over your consciousness to bury the really, really wrong ideas you have about entertaining your audience. Outside of that weird scenario, the 2nd season is kind of ‘meh’.

So when that series fails to deliver, I’m watching Season 8 of the Office for the first time. It has its moments. By the way, Dwight and Jim should have been written in a spin-off series following the demise of the office. Outside of the Andy Bernard character, it was really the only redeeming quality left that could have persisted after Steve Carell’s departure.

Hope you have a great week!