Week 20 – Redesign woes, fantasy football, and the field mice invasion.

Alden, SortingHey there,

Not running on much sleep today due to my wonderful son getting me up at 6:00 am with what we thought was another ear infection. Turns out he just has molars coming in, and needs a shot of pain killer now and then. He’ll probably catch up on his sleep in day care while I power through the early afternoon with some updates and other things. Then I’ll collapse in a corner and pass out.

Another Favorite Bites the Dust – Everythingtea.net
One of my go-to sites for purchasing loose leaf tea has finally bit the dust with its newest redesign. Everythingtea.net is a small shop in Snohomish, WA, and we’ve gotten our indian black tea fix from them for over 9 years. I used to order from their site probably every 2-3 months, stocking up on everything from Makaibari Estate teas to Glendale Clonal mixes. After two pounds of tea gets consumed, we order another two pounds.

So what happened? Lots of problems:

1. It appears that all previous user accounts were wiped out. All saved shipping and credit card information gone. That’s a pain.
2. A ‘span filter’ on literally every page of user transactions (modifying cart, logging in) is required. Problem is, the spam filter fails if you don’t fill it out on the first pass. You may put the right answer in, but it won’t care. More pain.
3. About 40% of the previous black tea they had offered online has been removed. I can still order some favorites, but the variety is clearly gone.
4. Some content pages for featured teas have no images on them at all. Just a lot of broken links and no info.
5. The buy-flow process is an embarrassment. Shipping and payment information on the same page, below the fold? Where’s the assurance that my data is undergoing a secure transaction? It’s not clear at all, and don’t get me started again on that annoying spam filter mechanism.

Couple the above with my own personal impression that the design is really ‘cold’ (no human feel to it all. Just a boxy interface with images), and I can only imagine how much of a dive the sites analytics are undergoing right now. I wouldn’t let my own dog order anything from the site, if she could.

Fantasy Football and the NFL Draft
Good times keeping track of rookies in last week’s NFL draft and how they impact fantasy. I knew next to nothing about them, but only kept track of certain names and their potential for getting playing time during the regular season. If you can’t tell, I’m still hunting for some decent flex options, be they in a PPR or regular league.

Mice have discovered our sunflower seed stash
We keep our sunflower seeds in the garage for easy access whenever we need to refill the feeders in the backyard (… which is once every three days. Finches are ancient ancestors of goats it seems). During the week, we discovered a hole chewed out of the side lining of one of the bags. We pretty much assumed it was field mice getting in through the front entrance of the garage. Either way, we’re putting up snap traps and hopefully won’t kill off a whole family of them (but that’s what usually happens).

Hope y’all have a great week!