Week 18 – Sick Kids and Freelancing Madness


Hi all,

My weekend was all consuming with Alden care. The poor soul came down with an ear infection, sore throat and bronchitis. We had to get him to our Pediatrician Saturday morning because he couldn’t breathe properly (or sleep… we were both up all Friday night/Saturday morning). 48 hours and a ton of drugs later, he’s doing better. He even got up at 7:00am this morning instead of the usual 9:00 am sleep-in. Anyway, a four day work week is on tap for me.

Freelancing Website Signups
I took the latter part of last week to update or signup for a multitude of different freelancing or hourly websites. (oDesk, eLance, Zintro, Ffiver). Part of it was to look for meaningful work, but the other was out of morbid curiosity. I had a strong suspicion that most of the postings there would be bottom-feeding on hourly rates for the work (which was spot-on). I do have one proposal going out this morning for an expert review, so we’ll see how that turns out.

I also have a number of best practice articles I’ve bookmarked for these freelancing sites. The first run was essentially to get my name and photo updated. Now I have to refine my auto-searches so I’m not snagging postings for mobile application development for a porn site in Sweden (that was the first result after updating my profile on Freelancer). We’ll see how the week shakes out after those updates.

Ninjatrader Updates
I’m currently refining the trading engine in the 2nd release code base for my Ninjatrader script (that ports to IB). It’s the most difficult and time consuming part, since you literally have to factor in a lot of exceptions to trading states (whether you are flat, long or short… whether you have full or partial shares in your position… how the trading software should change when the trade range narrows from inactivity, etc. Granted I’ll have adequate time to devote to refining it, I should make a lot of progress by the time the week is out.

Housecleaners and Pinkeye
For about eight months, we’ve been employing a trio of housecleaners and they’ve been great. We’ve had no problems with them until this past month, when two of their crew ventured off to start a landscaping business. The only available folks were family members, and it’s been a disaster since. Just yesterday, one of them showed up with pinkeye, and we had to show them the door immediately. I’ve already dealt with a sick kid for an entire weekend, and didn’t need a case of conjunctivitis putting me back into ‘Daddy Day Care’ mode for another 2-3 days. So, we’re looking for some new folks.

Thursday Doodles
Per a suggestion from my man in India (Arun J. Martin), I’m going to try some doodling and post it up on Thursdays in lieu of an actual UX article. I have no idea what will come of it, but maybe my complete lack of drawing skills will finally be exposed for all to see. You’ll have to let me know one way or another. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!