Week 17 – Soldering’s End and Basecamp’s Return

Hi all,

Lots of updates on a whole range of topics. Let’s get right into it.

Soldering Done!
It was smoky and smelly, but I successfully managed to splice two wires and solder a new battery into my old MicroTrack II. The hardest part was making sure my soldering iron didn’t touch anything on my work desk (like other wires, computer equipment, and my hands). Now I can repair minor electronics work whenever a metal connection gets detached. It was much easier than I thought it would be originally.

Basecamp Reloaded… but no free lunch!
I decided to give Basecamp another go, using it to manage my coding, career and consulting projects within the same view. When I first started working with it, I thought… “Geez, this interface is incredibly outdated. Did Basecamp just stop updating everything?”. Well, it turns out that the company went to an all-pay model, where the free versions with a single project were phased out. Now, no matter what level of use you have, everyone’s gotta chip in. Kind of a bummer, but if I can get in the habit of using the tool to get things done throughout the week, so be it.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Fix
Every so often, you find yourself sucked into a fun thing on the web or your mobile phone where the hours you were going to spend on something productive disappear completely. It happened earlier in the week with Aralon (free RPG), and yesterday it was Fantasy Football Calculator’s Mock Draft tool.   If you’re into Fantasy Football like I am, this is an extreme temptation to practice something that’s literally 19 weeks away from relevance.  Try it out.

Garden Garden Garden – Cramming the Vegetables In
Going against the advice of my landscaper, I have literally crammed all sorts of vegetables into the two beds I’ve tilled and prepared (well, my landscaper did) in the backyard. Last year, about a 1/3 of the vegetables I planted died from sun exposure and relentless heat. I’m hoping by ‘stuffing the box’ so to speak, I’ll get some good early yields and hope I can stretch out the plants as far as I can, weather permitting and plant food working as expected.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!