The Legend of Lord Foul


George Carlin is one of my all-time favorite comedians.  One of my favorite bits was his critique of a general public walking around in a bit of a haze, or as he put it:

“There are people walking around with a kind of a BRTTZZZZ….kind of a neutral zone around their heads. Some people leave part of their brains at home when they come out in the morning… Hey, some people don’t have that much to bring out in the first place!”

The piece would go on to describe different situations where you could wake people up from their daily routine. An example, wait in line a long time at the bank, and when you get to the front, ask for change of a nickel. That sort of thing.

In the spirit of that kind of humor, I started to develop a persona of sorts. It was during my time in Colorado (circa 1996-1997), and I had a couple of friends who helped me hone and shape that persona into what can be best described as “Lord Foul”.

What was ‘Lord Foul’ you ask? Well, if you can mix some of Daniel Tosh’s brutal honesty stand-up routines, a little bit of Lewis Black anger, and a heaping helping of Joan Rivers’s scathing critiques, and you’ve gotten pretty close.

Lord Foul only made brief appearances, and only with those select few folks who knew him. But when spoken, it was the most depraved, psychotic, morally corrupt but utterly hilarious commentary you would hear from anyone.

… and I can’t remember any of it.
And here’s the let-down, I can’t remember any of it.

It’s not that I was drunk (didn’t drink) or stoned (didn’t do drugs), but I rarely remember even half of what I had spoken the previous day. I *do* remember the faces my friends used to make when Lord Foul did happen to spring up and utter some words at a buffet somewhere in Longmont.

But here’s my counter-proposal. If the person who made this original content request can provide some examples of Lord Foul’s work, that would be more than enough to get me started.

So I’m hitting ‘pause’ on this request, but I’ll follow-up once I get a refresher.

But, why not revive Lord Foul today?
Are you kidding me?

First, that was nearly twenty years ago. I’d be insane to start that up again with my current professional and personal circles who have *no* context of the original (even if they read this post).

Second, it just wouldn’t have the same bite. Plus, my 22 month old would be irreparably damaged by my rantings if I started that crap again.

But, as I mentioned above, give me something to work with, and I’ll rehash a PG rated version of the original works.